{7 January 2009}   New year, new beginning…

Hey blog fans, just a short note to say that, now my personal life is finally starting to turn around, I’m hopefully back on top writing form and intending on blogging again.

Hope everybody’s having a great year so far. I’m hoping to catch up on my gig reviews, including past performances by Linkin Park, Jimmy Eat World, The Music and Feeder, and some upcoming ones such as The Audition, Alkaline Trio and Rise Against. I’ve also been keeping up with my films, and should be including scores of big-screen reviews, as well as a few book reviews such as the Twilight series.

Also coming up this year I’m expecting a guest post or two from the Entertainment Editor of my student paper, James Parry, and hopefully several others from various people.

So plenty to look forward to. Watch this space!

Kirsty Watkinson


DATE: Friday 7th December 07
VENUE: Mountford Hall, Liverpool University

“Hard to beat” was the only way to describe the vibrant atmosphere at the Hard-Fi gig held in Liverpool University’s Mountford Hall. Despite negative feedback from previous shows, the Staines band gave one of their best performances as part of the Liverpool Music week, leaving the audience screaming for more even before they had left the stage.

The gig came as part of their December tour, celebrating the release of their newest album, ‘Once Upon A Time In The West’. The tour hit other venues in Birmingham, Manchester, and London, with a set list included a variety of songs from both their albums, mixing old favourites like “Cash Machine”, “Tied Up Too Tight” and “Living For The Weekend” with newer hits such as “Can’t Get Along”, “I Shall Overcome”, and “Suburban Knights”.

The vocal talents of lead singer Richard Archer swayed a little on some of the older songs, which were out of key, but the majority of the performance was strong, and the spirit of the crowd helped make the show unforgettable. Definitely not a disappointment, considering the apparent shaky performances I’d heard about, and I believe things can only improve.

After all, it’s not every band that gets to support Greenday on tour…

Kirsty Watkinson

Despite the rumours, I was pleasantly surprised by my first music festival experience, as I travelled down to Donington Park for Download 2008. The weather changed every few minutes, countless possessions went inexplicably awol, and one poor guy was so confused, possibly from whatever he had consumed, that he was wandering around our camp site (black) with no clothes on looking like he was lost! And yet, it was one of the best experiences of my life.

I intend to review all my favourite bands from the festival, as well as all the artists I have been to see in the last year. And, with Leeds/Reading Festival 2008 fast approaching (I’m attending the latter), the excitement is definitely growing, and festival season is still in full swing.

The only downsides were the disappearance of my new diabolo, the absence of several shirts ordered from the website before the festival that have yet to arrive, and the destruction of my paint-your-own tent (an unfortunate incident involving a lovely Stoke girl, a large amount of excrement in the neighbouring tent, a certain dare, and a misplaced stumble – all at 4am on the last night! Needless to say, the tent remained behind…).

I was very proud of that tent. I painted a dragon on one side, and a dragonfly on the other. I happen to like dragons.

To anyone who is not familiar with the music festival atmosphere, I would highly recommend it, so long as you don’t mind roughing it a little, and getting very, very, VERY dirty!

But that’s all part of the fun!

Kirsty Watkinson


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