{10 March 2009}   Review: He’s Just Not That Into You

Following a  trend of self-help related films set by Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging and Yes Man, romantic comedy He’s Just Not That Into You is a hit-and-miss attempt at turning relationships on their head, in a way that is entertaining, but a little disjointed.

With the odd interview and title screen splitting up the film into what could vaguely be referred to as “chapters”, the fluidity is definately lost. But the experiment is saved by the all-star acting and the quirky relationships between characters. With stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston and Drew Barrymore, the cast is strong enough to generate interest, and their consistent acting holds the weakening plot together.

Much of the main storyline, if there is one, centers around Gigi (played by Ginnifer Goodwin), the typical advice-junkie who seeks books like the one the film is based on to guide her in relationships and dating situations. When her date does not call her back, she strikes up a friendship with his barman friend, Alex (Justin Long), who tells her so stop deluding herself by waiting for him to call her.

This leads to a number of quirky situations, where she relys on him for advice, while he insists to her that if the guy wants to make it happen he will.

The remainder of the storylines cover fresh relationships and old ones, affairs, marriage and splitting up, in a mesh of complicated, overlapping plots. Though this film is a complicated,it is still pretty easy to follow, and an enjoyable watch for fans of romantic films, but for the majority of the audience it’s a little too sporadic to keep interest.

Kirsty Watkinson

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